NEWS: African American Women and Veteran Owned Record Label Launches Global Concert Event For US Troops

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WEST DES MOINES, November 20, 2020β€”With COVID still on the scene, women and veteran owned label Ra Sha π„ž Records (RSπ„žR) is working smart to produce virtual events for Military families separated from deployed troops who are staying connected and entertained via apps such as Skype and Facebook as hosting group events remains a challenge.

With the hub of these family connections hosted online, the local entertainment company is now seeking talented aspiring recording artists to perform concerts that uplift and entertain America’s troops and their families (and everyone else) while bringing them together in a safe Internet space.

β€œServing the troops is not just good karma. It’s personal.”

Shenica Graham, Director, Ra Sha π„ž Records

Ra Sha π„ž Records President is African American, US Army Veteran, Mrs. Deborah K. Morris. Her father served as a Navy Chef in World War II. RSπ„žR Director of Operations, Shenica Graham’s father was an honorable member of the US Marine Corps. Together, Morris and Graham have fathers, sons, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends who have been and do serve in the US Armed Forces.

RSπ„žR is also in tune with today being African Industrialization Day, launching a major fundraising campaign for Kenya via charity: water. This and a fundraiser for nonprofit org Operation Homefront, will culminate in the online concert mentioned above, which the record label has titled, “Operation Homefront Global Concert.” This event will be streamed LIVE in May of 2021, featuring musicians from several continents around the world. Graham said about this event,

“I wanted to create something they [Veteran family members] and their fellow service members would always recall as a tribute to their devoted service and many sacrifices.”

Virtual auditions are now being held online in a global talent search in plans to have all acts confirmed by mid February 2021 so practices can begin.

To learn more about the Operation Homefront Global Concert, please visit or contact Shenica R. Graham at

About Ra Sha π„ž Records

The mission of Ra Sha π„ž Records (RSπ„žR) is to bring Midwest talent to the entertainment industry and support Indie artists in launching and developing lasting music careers. RSπ„žR hosts artist centered events to provide promotion and connect talent with the online community.


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